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it’s in OUR DNA: passion and technology

Founded in 2004, T2O media is an online media company passionate about technology and focused on generating results for our clients.

We are the leading full-service digital agency in Spain in terms of POET (paid, owned, earned & technology) and we have accomplished many great things not to mention recognition and awards specifically in the sector in Europa and LATAM. What’s more, we are Google’s number 1 client.

What started off as an idea between 2 friends has grown into a company with more than 200 professionals and 6 offices around the globe. Yet we still like to keep our “start-up spirit” with digital at the core. Our roots are about data-driven marketing and our optimism and ability to adapt have always stuck with us.

Our presence in 4 international markets that are very different and highly competitive means we have gained extensive experience across multiple sectors, which we can apply to campaigns in more than 50 countries.

Óscar Alonso
“We started off just the two of us, in an internet café and now there are more than 200 of us working with the top brands. We have grown alongside the tech giants in the industry such as: Google, Yahoo, Microsoft…”
Óscar Alonso CEO and co-founder of T2O media
Tomás Hernández
“We had a dream. And we did it. Now all we want to do is help others achieve their dreams. In such a global age, you have to create, develop and make your mark, and forget about failure and its consequences. We will help you with this.
Tomás Hernández CIO and co-founder of T2O media
Our multidisciplinary team is prepared to take on any project within “Omnichannel Marketing”

We started off as Search Marketing pioneers, we grew and matured as Direct Response specialists, we also excel in Social Media and we are continuing to grow in different disciplines, striving towards full synergy in all these specialties. All this backed up by more than 10 years’ experience in the digital field.

Every day we strengthen and share our knowledge – through internal training and with our other international offices, as Professors in business schools or Guest Speakers at industry events. Last but not least we offer tailored courses for our clients.

Our multidisciplinary team is very much prepared to take on any project within the “Omnichannel Marketing” spectrum and know how to go about things and get the results. We do things with an open and innovative mind, are able to identify and apply the ideal solution to every challenge in order to satisfy the needs of our clients.

We are like a family and we enjoy what we do

For is it is about positive marketing, not just because we always strive to do better. For us at T2O media having fun is important as well and we firmly believe that we can be serious but enjoy ourselves too. We are like a family and enjoy what we do. So, in addition to all working hard and organizing ourselves to be more productive and efficient, we also make sure that the working environment is enjoyable, we celebrate achievements and have fun together, both in and outside of work.

We are a close-knit group of talented and experienced professionals, female and male, of different ages, languages, nationalities, languages and backgrounds. Everyone helps create a dynamic, down-to-earth and friendly working environment. We co-operate and help each other out, also outside of work thanks to the company’s CSR initiatives.

As we feel comfortable in what is a fast-paced and ever-changing sector, we accompany and guide businesses on their digital journey and along the way we share how we see Communication and Advertising. Feeling like we all belong to the same team is the key to growing together.


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We are not alone

We are lucky to have the cooperation and collaboration from important entities and associations in the sector, seals of quality and security:

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Associations we belong to

Our strategic alliances and partners

  • Panelist for digital audiences and official auditor for the Spanish market

  • Number 1 Marketing and Data Hub in the market, which allows us to manage all Business KPIs

  • We are Partners of Kenshoo, leading platform for running Social campaigns.

  • Leading market tool for Web Analytics

  • Number 1 CRM in the world. This connects us with our clients in a simple and efficient way

  • Partner number 1 in global and transversal technological solutions of Digital Marketing

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