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What needs covers Technology

  • Optimization

    Discover new optimisation tools to better distribute your investment, conquer new territories and protect them, adapt and re-focus along the way
  • Insights

    Generate advanced reports and help make strategic decisions, based on a thorough analysis of the data.
  • Attribution models

    Makes it possible to create different attribution models with different rules to ponderate the value of different contact points based on their role along the conversion path.
  • Measure

    Measure what is happening on your page, app and other platforms based on personalized metrics depending on your priorities.
  • Segmentation

    Find the right audiences and simplify the process of defining useful segments for prospecting and retargeting based on multiple parameters.
  • Control

    Monitor KPIs across the board and know exactly how your campaigns and digital assest are doing at all times.
  • Real-time marketing

    Enables you to reply instanteously depending on the user, medium and context, in order to please whatever request or worry the consumer may have.

What we offer in Technology

  • Attribution models & Web Analytics
  • Business Intelligence
  • Big Data
  • Full Stack Ecosystems
  • End to End Technology
  • Marketing tools & analytics Training
T2O, it's time to optimize
It's about results,
not just

Barceló Hotels & Resorts

We improved the quality of their users and reservations.

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It's about results,
not just

American Express Company

We improved their organic positioning in search engines and results

See how we did it
It's about results,
not just

Ron Matusalem Gran Reserva 23

We prepared and ran their very first communication campaign 100% targeted at digital platforms: “Ability to surprise“

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