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We improved the quality of their users and reservations.

1. Objectives

What our customer need

Increase advertising efficiency

targeting a highly qualified audience

Identify those audiences

with a greater potential impact for the business

Unduplicate audiences

to maximize the efficiency of investments and improve the user experience.

2. Strategy

What actions we undertake

Paid Media

  • Unduplicate audiences and increase the relevance of the message.
  • Integrate audience data from Adwords so as to be able to apply programmatic segmentation.
  • Implement advanced remarketing strategies to show relevant adverts.


  • Maximise the different data bases through a precise marketing strategy.
  • Segment users with Google Analytics Premium and apply these when buying media.

3. Results

The results are measured with numbers

acquisition costs
  • Reservations increased by 26%.
  • Reduced acquisition cost by 38%.
  • Now the qualified audience segments can be shared with all the channels.